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Pituitary Gland

hormone specialist in faridabad

Pituitary gland is master endocrine gland. It controls function of most of other endocrine glands. Various hormones secreted by pituitary gland are – Growth hormone, ACTH, TSH, LH, FSH, Prolactin, ADH. 

Manifestations of pituitary gland disorder are

  • Short / tall height
  • Disorder of sex development
  • Infertility
  • Diabetes insipidus
  • Symptoms of hypothyroidism, rarely hyperthyroidism
  • Adrenal insufficiency (poor appetite, weight loss, low BP etc.)
  • Headache and vision loss (caused by large tumors)
  • Acromegaly, Cushing’s syndrome etc.

Pituitary gland disorders are usually diagnosed by blood tests and MRI scan. Treatments depends on specific abnormality. Low hormones are replaced with hormone preparations. Hypersecretion of hormones by pituitary gland cand be managed by medicines / surgery / radiation therapy.